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With this App you have an easy way to use the service of a german image host.

Super fast image hosting for you german audience!

Competence Generator
... and you get 1728 more expressions for more impression!
  • Experience a new feeling of expertise and grasp.
  • Join expert discussion and participate with insider knowledge.
  • Shine safety and competence.
The essential tool for:
  • Meetings
  • Workshops
  • Video Conferences
  • Project Reviews
  • Kick-Offs
  • Brainstorming
... they will listen to you.

Central Station
In Central Station you'll be challenged to build the biggest Network for your Bus line. Show tactics to extend your Network and to foil your opponents plans as a Manager of a Bus line. Your challenge will start at the outback's of a city, connect them to a big network. If you connecting them to the Central Station you will achieve extra points. To build the network for you Bus line place a card from your hand to the map or take one to stock if you want to save your card for the next turn. Clever placed cards on the map will extend your network - or limiting your opponents network.

Show your friends who are the better Manager- or challenge the computer!

  • up to six players on one device
  • computer controlled opponents in two different difficulties
  • optimized for the iPad
  • fully support for the Retina-Display
  • support old Devices (iOS 3.1.3 or greater)

Get all your Server Information on your iPhone/iPod!
  • Works with every phpSysInfo installation on Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • Simple enter a Server Name and the URL to your phpSysInfo installation.
  • The server will be queried on start and every 2 minutes.
  • Tab the distribution icon for manually query the server!

Tower Defense
A mix of Tower- and City-Defense.
Writen in pure Java2D.

Download Seite
In cooperation with the Team I compiled the Qt-App "abloadtool" under Mac OS X (Intel 64bit) and added a nice Dmg-File.

This is the Team-Signature for the "Speacial: Off-Topic" BOINC-Team. All projects will be displayed combined.

Also the users can create there own signature and configure the listed projects.

A simple but smart Gallery for your own web page.

Play Online
A 2D Top-Down spaceship shooter.

Sys Monitor
Download @ GitHub!
Shows you all local system information you need!
  • Fully configurable!
  • Individual Style, Color, Position and Size.
  • Runs on Windows and Macintosh(!)
  • Multi-Language Support (currently: English, German and Slovak).
Available Informations:
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Pagefile/SWAP
  • Hard Drive
  • Battery
  • Network
  • Wireless
  • External IP (wan/remote ip) / Provider Name (whois)
  • VideoController/Displays
  • Volume Control
  • Uptime
  • Version Check
Windows Only:
  • Processes (Top CPU-Killer, Memory-Eater)
  • Temperatures (Req. SpeedFan)
  • S.M.A.R.T.

My Drive
Download @ GitHub!
Shows you all information of a filesystem volume as a *nice* big Icon!
  • Fully configurable!
  • Individual Style, Color, Position and Size.
  • Multi-Language Support (currently: English and German).
  • Runs on Windows only!
Available Informations/Features:
  • Name + Drive Letter
  • Free-/Used-/Total
  • Space
  • Read-/Write
  • Performance (As a green/red dot)
  • Drop Files and Folders on the Icon to move it.
  • Color change if free space get low
  • Font: color, style, size and shadow
  • Pre-Defined and Custom Icons and size!
  • Drop Target path

Sys Watch
Download @ GitHub!
Shows you all phpSysInfo information you need!
  • Fully configurable!
  • Individual Style, Color, Position and Size.
  • Unlimited Hosts.
  • Multi-Language Support (currently: English and German).